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MH: Akamine Satsuki by AmiRin300 MH: Akamine Satsuki by AmiRin300

Just ask me if you want to RP, I would love to meet everyone!! <33333333

This took much longer than expected (spent the whole entire day rushing- so tired! T-T'') , gah, I hope I made it in time. ;A;

I've reserved a slot for second year but I'm still a little worried... Q~Q

Here's the bio... sorry if there's any mistakes orz

Name:  Akamine, Satsuki [赤峰 さつき ]
 Age: 17
D.O.B. [Date of birth]:  September 2
Year:  Second year
Height: 5'4" [162cm]
Weight: 110 lbs [50kg]
 Gender: Female
 Resident: Staying at her aunt and uncle's house (goes home everyday)
Clubs:  Basketball
 Personality Traits:
  •  A little introverted - She's a little shy when first starting a conversation with someone, which causes her to get a little clumsy and raise her voice higher than usual in a shouting tone, but after a small conversation she becomes more relaxed and talkative.
  • Possesses almost no confidence - She has little to no confidence at all. When it look like she finally gained a little, it's gone in less than a minute.
  • Silly and goofy - She watches a lot of TV (anime included) so pretending her umbrella is a sword when she thinks no one is around, make believing that a object is magical or pretending like she's in some kind of fantasy magical world is normal for her She's nerdy. She can be like this freely around people who are really close friends to her.
  • Slightly dreary - Satsuki is very easy to get upset at the slightest insult or if she messes up and causes a situation unintentionally. She doesn't like to upset or causes problems for others and if this does happen, she'd withdraw herself from others, avoid interaction with people as much as possible and spend most of her time in her dorm room sulking while hugging Takeuchi Kogamo (her chick plush [see trivia]).
  • Baby chicks and anything themed that way
  • The color blue and turquoise
  • Star fruit
  • The scent of lavender
  • The sound of a cello
  • Autumn
  • Morning time - to her it's peaceful and calming.. Plus the sun rising is a beautiful scenery.
  • A triple-tier carrot cake 
  • Basketball because that's the only sport she really knows and it reminds her the bonding times she's shared with her cousin
  • Eating chicken (reminds her of baby chicks)
  • Mathematics
  • Extreme windy days 
  • Winter (she doesn't like being super cold and the snow)
  • Fire or anything that looks like it can start one. I.e. lighters, matches, cigarettes, etc (She has Arsonphobia. [See trivia])
  • Squirrels (To most people they look harmless.. To her they look like vicious creatures. She claims one chased her once but it wasn't. If she hadn't ran away screaming immediately, she would have noticed it was going in another direction away from her into a tree.)
  • Unintentionally causing problems for others
  • Contact lenses
  • Her cousin is great at playing basketball.. And is the person who taught her how to play. It became one of the activities they bond over.
  • Her parents both work at the same full-time job and are always too busy to take care of her. In their free-time, before heading back to their jobs or on their day-off, they chose to spend most of it with each other rather than with their daughter. She was left in her aunt and uncle's care so often that she moved in with them and their son. She's been living with them practically since she was a baby.
  • She owns a duck plush name Takeuchi Kogamo that was a gift to her from her "ex-boyfriend" (Wasn't serious at all, they were just five and had a little small crush on each other). The plush was won at a fair by her boyfriend and they thought it was a baby chick but turns out to be a duck instead. They didn't find out what the plush actually was until a few minutes later when people kept "mistaking" it as a duck. After that, she named him "Kogamo" which means "duckling.
  • She has Arsonphobia/a fear of fire. This is from an accident that happened with an electric problem in her previous home (her aunt and uncle's home) that set the house on fire and burned it down.
  • Though she's shy when first starting a conversation with someone, this doesn't mean she won't shout really loudly out in public. [She will when angered, surprised or to catch someone's attention etc.. When she has her attention focused on this, she doesn't think about anyone around hearing her or how much attention is on her.]
  • She's really blind without her glasses but they get broken often. She has contact lenses but refuses to wear them.
  • Wants to learn how to play the violin and learn photography..... One day.
  • Is a Hajidere to the people she really admires.
  • Adds honorifics to everyone's name
  • She has really really bad luck. Either she's getting hurt or put in troublesome situations.
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