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September 14, 2013
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TH: Kurayami Uta by AmiRin300 TH: Kurayami Uta by AmiRin300
Okay, yeah, another group.. XD …..With a male OC this time…. :iconureshii-go-on-plz:

Yet it had to be this kind of male character… :iconimadplz:

Name: Kurayami Uta

Nickname[s]: Oujisama Uta-ta and Ta-Ta (Only by Kiomi)

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Grade: First year

Dormitory: Tamagawa

Club: Dance


Himself | He's an extreme narcissist to the point where he believes that he's absolutely perfection in every single way with no faults and everything must be about him.

Being the center of attention| He likes the spotlight to be on him.. and if it's not, he'll find some way to make that happen.

His mom| He's a mommy-boy. She's the only one who opinion he cares about and advice he would consider taking the most. In other words he still will end up doing what he wants and most likely choose to ignore her advice if it's something that he didn't want to hear.

Having pictures taken of him| He loves pictures of himself and he's very fond of the camera.. especially if the main focus is on him.

Stylish clothes| He prefers his clothes custom made, but he'll go shopping too. It doesn't really matter to him as long as it's high quality and expensive. Uta's most favorite clothing style is anything flashy "eye-catching" and/or dressy.

No work or finding people willing to do his work for him| Uta is lazy but due to his narcissistic personality he thinks he shouldn't have to work at all. Because "kings" have "servants" for that. Feel free to correct him on this.

Junk food| He really loves junk food but his mother never allowed any of this type of food into their home. However, this never stopped him from eating a ton of it when he's away from her (i.e. at school, etc).

Fun and excitement| Uta is one of those types of peoples who hates boredom though gets bored easily. He will go to extreme great lengths to make sure that doesn't happen. ...And involve other people too.


People touching him and his hair| He doesn't like it when strangers clings to him or touch his hair but he seems less annoyed when it's people who are closer to him (still very annoyed by it though). The reason why is because he doesn't want anyone messing up his clothes or ruining his hair.

Being under the authority of others| He feels as if he should do what he wants without the input of others. :iconmingplz:

Lack of sleep| Hates feeling tired but what he hates more than that is getting dark circles under his eyes.

Cheap gifts| He thinks they're useless and expects people to spend a ton of money on him.

Loud and annoying noises| Such as gum chewing or slurping.. Uta gets really irritated by this.

People crying| He doesn't like comforting other people because this means he has to focus his attention on someone else other than himself. Plus he's really REALLY horrible at consoling others.

Having to wait for what he wants| He's can be an extremely impatient person.

Being ignored| This also greatly annoys him and is the thing that he hates the most.


:bulletblue: Assertive

:bulletblue: Talkative/friendly

:bulletblue: Can possibly be caring with certain people

:bulletblack: Extreme Narcissist

:bulletblack: Selfish

:bulletblack: Irresponsible

:bulletblack: Unforgiving

:bulletblack: Can get aggressive / temperamental

:bulletblack: Arrogant

:bulletblack: Can get easily jealous

:bulletblack: Impulsive

:bulletblack: Compulsive liar

Uta can be nice, talkative and friendly at first… Until he starts pointing out your flaws and that’s when you realize he’s arrogant and thinks he’s better than you.

Uta is an extreme narcissist whose main focus is on himself and himself only. He has little to no concerns for the other people around him with their issues and their lives unless it affects him. He has lack of insight in any wrong-doings he does and will never take the blame for anything.. even if it was obvious he was the cause of it all. He's a liar, he finds it EASY to tell little lies to flat out changing the whole story around and doesn't care who it affects in what way. He likes to brag about on everything he has, his own looks and how he can easily spend money with no problem. He'll detest those who do not admire him, insult or criticize him and will even go into a "narcissistic rage" due to this. He's controlling, expecting everyone to listen to what he has to say but yet at the same time hates it when people depends on him too much and hates having to listen to what others have to say.

Uta can get easily jealous when seeing something a person has that he wants.. even if he didn't want it until the other person has it. He has no problem using other people to his advantage without thinking of their feelings or the consequences of this. Due to his narcissism, he has difficulty with expressing "empathy" which is why he hates to be around people when they're crying. Most of the times he just chooses to ignore them and walk away.

He acts more important than he really is. I.E. he won't wait in line for anything, especially a long one, he'll just cut right in front of everyone or walk straight to the front of it. Uta gives into flattery really easily, actually he's a sucker for this. His favorite types of people to be around are the ones who compliment him, “worship” him and do everything for him.. without any complaints. Uta has this illusion in his mind that he's perfect in many things he does, he'll even claims to be a "expert", though he most likely has no clue what he's doing and will get mad at anyone who tries to correct him.

Uta expects that he can say and do what he wants which often gets him into trouble. He's really straight forward, a person can pick up on this quickly during the first meeting with him as he will point out their flaws whether he intentionally meant to do this or not.


Uta grew up as an only-child in a rich lifestyle with his father running a large business company that was passed down to him by Uta's grandfather. His mother was a reporter but soon retired and became a stay-at-home mom after she had him.

As a child, Uta always had the same personality he has today but a little more tone down. This is actually his mother fault due to her, from the day he was born, handing him anything he ever wanted, not caring at all if this went against Uta's father’s wishes. All Uta had to do was give one small little tantrum and she would just give in because she hated seeing her only child upset even in the slightest way. Being raised like this caused him to become more and more spoiled and demanding but yet close to his mother, seeing that she would always make up excuses for his actions and give him whatever he wants.

In school, he was a little troublesome, always picking at his classmates and disobeying his teacher’s orders. He refused to do his work and manipulated others to finish it for him (he was a smart little kid). He didn't have any friends but this was by choice because he always thought no one was worthy for him to be around.

This however changed only slightly when one day, at age 4, his limo driver took him to the nearest-by playground after Uta was complaining of how bored he was just being drove around town. Once upon arriving to the playground, of course he complained more, but still decided that it was better than just being in that limo all day or just running around the house aimlessly with nothing fun to do. Walking around for a bit, Uta spotted a girl, Ito Kiomi, on a swing. His first thought was “That seat should be mine..”, thinking that the seat she had was better than all the others… Only because she had it. He walked over to the young girl then, without a single care, he pushes her right out of the swing and took it for himself. I might as well add this was the first day he saw a girls pantsu. She was mad at him at first, of course, they overcame this “issue” shortly.. With him insulting and hugging her to “shut her up” when she started crying. From that day on they became friends and she was- still is- the only person Uta can tolerate being around him so constantly.

When he got a little older, he changed a little more, but for the worse. He started to become more and more "in love" with himself and causing problems, not only for his mother but both of his parents due to his selfish actions with no concern for others at all. He still always thought his mother was going to “save” him, getting him out of any situation that he places himself into. His father and finally his mother, tired of putting up with this, thought the only way to "fix" him is to pry him from under the shadow/comfort of his mother and let him learn how to take care of his own self and deal with the consequences/problems he makes for himself on his own.

When Uta’s father heard of the private school called "Tachikawa High" he thought this would be perfect for his son and sent him there along with Uta's close childhood friend, Kiomi, whose parents were okay with this. He thought it was a good idea for Kiomi to go along due to the fact that Uta still needs a bit of monitoring over.

Additional Info:

His favorite color is turquoise.

He loves pockies and pastries.

His voice actor is Soraru. :iconpapmingplz: Uta is good at singing.... but no one has ever heard him before… Except Kiomi.

He’s a pretty good dancer~

He doesn't like to be betrayed. If he's gives a person his full trust, kind of rare though, he expects that person to not hurt him. If someone does make the mistake of betraying and hurting him just once, he's completely done with that person. There is a small chance of forgiveness but it's a really small tiny chance.

Even if he’s a narcissistic arrogant butt person, he’s shown a few times to care/have concern for Kiomi. …Then goes right back to being arrogant which is why she slaps him sometimes.

He has three piercing in his left ear~

He likes to spend a ton of money. On expensive stuff. That he doesn't need and probably won't ever use.

He's good at giving himself.

Quote[s]: "You are beautiful... but the more beautiful one than you, is me." This is probably to Kiomi...


Oh and to everyone I have art-trades with I'll finish them ASAP!! >u<
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